Michael Jefry Stevens


Generations Quartet featuring Oliver Lake live from DeSinger, Belgium - 2016

Michael Jefry Stevens

Pianist, Composer and “Steinway Artist

Pianist, Composer and “Steinway Artist,” Michael Jefry Stevens has released over 80 cds and composed over 340 works for both large and small ensembles. An active band-leader for over 40 years, his current working musical ensembles include the "Conference Call Quartet," the "Fonda/Stevens Group," "Eastern Boundary Quartet," his collaboration with New Orleans horn man, Brian “Breeze” Cayolle and “Trio Generations” featuring saxophonist Oliver Lake.

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Looking forward to 2022


The past year has been strange yet productive.  I released three cds from my recorded archives with my old musical compatriot, Art Lillard.  These cds include:


Art Lillard/Michael Jefry Stevens "Original Music for Jazz Septet" (ARC).  This is one of my earliest recordings from the 1980's of original music by myself and Art.


Art Lillard/Michael Jefry Stevens "Living Green World Blues".  This recording dates from 1982 and features original music by Art and myself for Septet.


Art Lillard/Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet "Forgetten Wish".  This was recorded in the early 1990s and features Billy Drewes on Saxophone and Keichi Ishibashi on bass.  


My music is being published by www.heightsmusicinternational.com.  The first pieces should be available on their web site in the beginning of 2022.


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Generations Quartet featuring Oliver Lake

  • Michael Jefry Stevens - piano
  • Joe Fonda - bass
  • Emil Gross -  drums
  • Oliver Lake - saxophone


The creative resources of the music of Trio Generations are defined by the musical concepts of the three musicians on the very basis of their originality and their traditions. The performance is based upon firmly composed music as well as free improvisation.

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Trading Post - Southern Excursion Quartet

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