Michael Jefry Stevens

Great Unknown - Jeff Marx Quartet

Musicians on the recording

  • Santi Debriano: Bass;
  • Micheal Jefry Stevens: Piano;
  • Jeff Marx: Tenor Saxophone;
  • Jeff "Siege" Siegel: Drums

Recording track list

  • How Great You Are
  • Memorial
  • Song for Jamie
  • Great Unknown
  • Simone
  • I Fall in Love too Easily
  • Ojos de Rojos
  • Yellow

Release Info

Naugual Music, 2000

From a very supportive and tight rhythm section, I would like to single out Michael Jefry Stevens whose unobtrusive playing should not make you miss his pertinent accompaniment and original rhythms and ideas.
Recorded in 1999

“Great Unknown - Jeff Marx Quartet” - Naugual Music, 2000

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