Michael Jefry Stevens

Brass Tactics

Musicians on the recording

  • Michael Jefry Stevens - Piano and Composition
  • Dave Ballou - Trumpet
  • Ed Sarath - Trumpet
  • Dave Taylor - Trombone
  • Steve Swell - Trombone

Recording track list

Release Info

Konnex Records

This project was recorded in 2008 in Brooklyn, NY and released in February, 2016.  The music features 4 brass and acoustic piano.  I have been intrigued with brass instruments since my elementary school days when I first began playing trombone in the 5th grade band.  I wrote and arranged all this music specifically for this group.  In addition, there are several "improvised" pieces on the recording that I am also very proud of.


“Brass Tactics” - Konnex Records

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