Michael Jefry Stevens

Michael Jefry Stevens "Mountain Chamber Jazz Ensemble"

Musicians on the recording

Christian Howes and Candace English - Violin

Anya Yarbrough - Viola

Brigid Hopkins - Cello

Bill Berg - drums

Jason DeCristofaro - Vibraphone

Doran Heck, Frank Southecorvo, Jason Moore, Charles Elliot - Woodwinds

Katie Cilluffo - Voice

Justice Man - Trombone

Bill Fouty and Danny Iannucci Bass

Michael Jefry Stevens - piano and composition

Recording track list

Song of the Cardinal (5’12”)

What a Dance *** (5’34”)

The Poet is in the house (4’47”)

Borderline * (5’35”)

Trump (Dire Warning #1) (7’29”)

The Myth of Chaos (8’10”)

Trailer Park Heaven (6’55”)

Sad (4’45”)

Release Info

Artists Recording Collective

15 piece hybrid ensemble performing my original music for strings, woodwinds, voice, brass and rhythm section.

“Michael Jefry Stevens

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