Michael Jefry Stevens

Michael Jefry Stevens Octet "Live at Streamside"

Musicians on the recording

Kiah Abendroth - Trumpet

Jason DeCristofaro - Vibraphone

Christian Howes - Violin

Wendy Jones - Vocals

Jason Moore - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Zack Page - Bass

Just Watt - Drums

Michael Jefry Stevens - Piano, Composition

Recording track list

  1. When Winter Lilacs Bloom (words by Kathleen Sannwald)
  2. In The Garden
  3. Mantra #2
  4. Crow
  5. Little BIrd
  6. The Fall
  7. What About the Future
  8. Poland
  9. Rain
  10. The Money Thing

Release Info

Artists Recording Collective

Live 2016 Concert from Streamside Concert Series featuring my original music for 8 instruments.

“Michael Jefry Stevens Octet

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