Michael Jefry Stevens

MJS Electric Band

The band:

Christian Howes - Violin

Zack Page - electric bass

Bill Berg - Drums

Justin Watt - Drums

Tim Doyle - Guitar

Jason DeCristofaro - Vibraphone/percussion

Michael Jefry Stevens - electric keyboard

MJS Electric Band

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About MJS Electric Band

I organized the MJS Electric Band in order to perform a specific repertoire of music that I ahve composed over the past 40 years related exclusively to electronic instruments.  I have been playing electric keyboards since the age of 13 when I purchased my first Farfisa organ.  From Farfisa to Fender Rhodes piano to Yamaha DX7 to KORG M1 to Hammond XB3 organ and finally to my Nord Electro IV.  The influence of electric rock, funk, soul, latin and other hybrid musics are a huge part of my musical life.  We play music that has its roots in Weather Report, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa, Return to Forever, George Duke and the like. 



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Selected videos

MJS Electric Band "A Question of Love"

MJS Electric Band "Toss Up"

MJS Electric Band "Our Savior"

MJS Electric Band "Specific Gravity"

MJS Electric Band "Our Savior" w/ Christian Howes on violin