Michael Jefry Stevens

Music for Woodwinds

The band:

I have recorded and performed with numerous highly talented woodwind players throughout the course of musical career including but not limited to:

Dave Liebman, Oliver Lake, Gebhard Ullmann, Billy Drewes, David Schnitter, Mark Whitecage, Brian "Breeze" Cayolle, Adam Kolker, Michael Rabinowitz, Jeff Lederer, Ira Sullivan, Stan Strickland, Mihaly Borbely, Ralph LaLama, Thomas Chapin, Perry Robinson, Jed Levy, George Garzone, Harold Vick, Ravi Coltrane, Todd Wright, Frank Southecorvo, Jason Moore and many others.

Music for Woodwinds

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About Music for Woodwinds

More recently I have been composing for flutes and clarinets.  The Michael Jefry Stevens "Octet" cd released in 2017 features a selection of my more "Chamber Jazz" music.  

My "Trio for Mixed Instruments" featured flute and bassoon.

My "Canvas #1" for small orchestra featured a complete woodwind section.



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Squirrels for woodwind quartet by Michael Jefry Stevens

Trio for Mixed Instruments by Michael Jefry Stevens