Michael Jefry Stevens

Music for Strings

The band:

I have always been fascinated by the stringed family of instruments.

I have performed and recorded with such players as Mark Feldman, Szilard Mezei, Dominic Duval, Dom Minasi, Drew Gress, Ed Schuller, John Goldsby, Joe Fonda, Juho Laitenen, Daniel Studer, Jon Hemmersam, Jonathan Wires, Pat Bergeson, Steve Rust, Tim Ferguson, Ken Filiano, Peter Herbert, Santi Debriano, Tomas Ulrich, Karen Valeur, Chris Dahlgren and many others.

I currently work extensivelly with Christian Howes, Candace English, Finn Magill, An-Ya, Bill Fouty, Daniel Iannucci, Zack Page, The Davis Quartet, The Cafe String Quartet, Eliot Wadopian, Shannon Hoover, Bryan McConnell and others.

Music for Strings

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About Music for Strings

I am increasingly interested in composing and performing for various string instrument combinations.

Recent projects include my 13 piece "Mountain Chamber Jazz Ensemble" which currently features 13 instruments (woodwinds, strings, brass, voice and percussion.

Collaborations with several string quartets plus piano performing arrangements of my original music including: The Davis Quartet and The Cafe String Quartet.

2017 performance of my "Canvas for Chamber Orchestra" which was written and performed by a 40 piece chamber jazz orchestra.

Previous compositions include:  2 Duets for Piano and Violin; Fantasy for String Quartet; What about the Future for piano and string quartet and Back to Bach composed for piano, vibes and string quartet.