Michael Jefry Stevens


Upcoming highlights for 2021

Hello from the mountains of North Carolina.  Today is my 70th birthday.  It is really hard to believe that I actually made it to 70!!! But here I am.

The pandemic continues but at least Trump is no longer our President.  He is still, however, a huge problem!!!!

I continue to teach at Eastern Tennessee State University remotely using mostly Zoom as well as teaching privately also zoom and Rockoutlive.

I have released the following new CD's over the past few months, and will continue to release more as the Pandemic continues.

Newest cds include:

Art Lillard/Michael Jefry Stevens "Original Music for Jazz Septet" (ARC).  This is one of my earliest recordings from the 1980's of original music by myself and Art.

Phil Haynes/Michael Jefry Stevens "Duets for Percussion and Piano" (ARC).  This was recorded in the 1990's and is a series of improvised duets for drums and piano.

Conference Call "Prism" (Nottwo Records). This was recorded at a studio in Rochester, NY during our last USA tour several years ago.

Please email me if you want a copy of any of this music for review or radio airplay.  You can also purchase a copy from me on this website or on my bandcamp web site!

Conference Call is planning our October, 2021 European tour.  We hope we will be able to make this happen.

Stay safe everyone.  This too shall pass.

Michael Jefry Stevens

March 13, 2021