Michael Jefry Stevens

Only Love - Griffith/Stevens Quartet "Artists Recording Collective" ARC

Musicians on the recording

  • Miles Griffith - vocal,
  • Michael Jefry Stevens - piano,
  • Dieter Ulrich - drums
  • Dominique Girod - bass

Recording track list

  • Sometimes (Weekend Daydream)
  • When I First Met You
  • Lonely Tears
  • Sometimes
  • Only Love
  • Oh Mama
  • highway Blues
  • Perfect Dream
  • Like an empty car

Release Info

Artists Recording Collective (ARC), 2010

2nd release of the group. First under ARC recordings. Quartet features Dieter Ulrich on drums and Dominique Girod on bass. Recorded in Zurich at Radio Zurich. This is truly a great recording which I am extremely proud of!!!

“Only Love - Griffith/Stevens Quartet

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