Michael Jefry Stevens

Prism - Conference Call Quartet

Musicians on the recording

  • Gebhard Ullmann - woodwinds,
  • Joe Fonda - bass,
  • Michael Jefry Stevens - piano,
  • Dieter Ulrich- drums.

Recording track list

  1. F.J.D. (Ullmann)
  2. Prism (Stevens)
  3. Listen to Dr. Cornell West (Fonda)
  4. Variations on a Master Plan (Part 2) (Ullmann)
  5. Sal's Song (Stevens)
  6. The Bee (Fonda)
  7. Zeit Lupe (Ullmann)

Release Info

Nottwo Records, 2020

Just released in July, 2020 by Nottwo Records.  This CD was recorded during the group's most recent USA tour at Blackdog Studios in Rochester, NY.  All original music.

“Prism - Conference Call Quartet” - Nottwo Records, 2020

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